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Zealous Media Magazine Cover SampleHaving been encouraged for many years by clients, Laura Bunch-Archuleta started Zealous Media, Inc. in 1996 in a small loft in the industrial area north of downtown Denver, CO. With a used Macintosh, Laura began working as a freelance graphic designer for several local companies. Once she had established ongoing clients, Laura had enough work to start hiring other designers and Zealous Media went from a one-woman-shop to a full fledged company.

One of Zealous Media's proudest achievements is the development of an interactive CD-ROM called "Vision Quest: Men, Women and Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation". The disc, by photographer and author Don Doll, S.J., was well received critically with semi-finalist status in the People's Choice Awards at the annual MacroMedia Conference. It also received the #2 slot on the top 10 "Best Interactive Disc List" from the National Press Photographers Association's Newsgroup, well above Time Magazine's CD-ROM.

Zealous Media has evolved into an aggressive design firm working with clients from coast to coast. We specialize in print and website development. Our largest clients are in the direct mail magazine industry and in the electronic advertising display business.

For more information, please call or write to us at: graphics@zealousmedia.com